EcoBoost Liquid Compost 1L Multicrop Eco Boost Humus Organic Certified Soil Conditioner

Compost: Mix and pour 10mL of EcoBoost in each 1L of water
Soil: Add 90mL of EcoBoost to each 9L of water to treat 4 sqm.

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Product Description

Pure 100% Organic, NASAA Organic Certified 3264M.

Ideal fertiliser for all plants including flowers, vegetables and herb gardens.

Brings your soil to life and increases microbial numbers and activity in the soil. Increases available nutrients in the soil.

EcoBoost® is designed to feed the eco-system and improve soil and compost productivity. Adding EcoBoost® to your soil or compost increases the penetration and retention of moisture and nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and trace elements into the subsoil.


 Stimulates soil biological activity and feeds beneficial

microbes to speed up the composting process.

 Helps break up clay and compacted soils

 Helps free up bound nutrients in the soil

 Increases the water and nutrient holding capacity of the soil.


 Add to compost heap to speed the composting process

 Use as a soil conditioner to improve compacted or clay soils.


 Use to add liquid compost directly to the soil

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Additional Information
Purpose All Purpose
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Organic Certification NASAA
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