Rapid Premium Fertiliser 25kg Eqv Blaukorn Fertilizer NPK Nitrophoska

Analysis: 15 – 1.3 – 17 + TE

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Blaukorn Premium 15 – 1.3 – 17 + TE is a high quality fertiliser particularly suitable for:

a) As a pre plant, base or side dressing fertiliser in intensive horticultural crops where soil phosphorus levels are moderate to high or where preplant or base phosphorus fertilisers have been applied

b) Turf

c) For side dressing of intensively grown crops such as ornamentals, flowers, fruit trees, vines and vegetables under glass or outdoors

d) For the fertilisation of chloride sensitive crops or crops grown in salt affected soils


The Potassium content in Blaukorn Premium 15 – 1.3 – 17 + TE is in the sulphate form only Water Absorption is increased by fertilisers containing chloride, whilst at the same time transpiration is decreased. This explains why the yield of fresh plant matter often remains at the same level when chloride fertilisers are used, but the quality and dry matter content of the harvested produce are often lower.


Many vegetables, ornamentals and fruit crops should be fertilised with an emphasis on nitrogen and potassium because of usually high phosphate reserves in the soil. Furthermore, a good supply of Potassium ensures proper water balance in the plant and promotes sugar production, strengthens cell walls, can improve colour and has other important functions – Potassium improves the inner quality and storage ability of the harvested produce. Many fruit and vegetable crops have a high potassium requirement being 1.25 to 1.5 times as much as Nitrogen, which makes Blaukorn Premium the ideal fertilizer for side dressing application.

OTHER ADVANTAGES • All nutrients macro and micronutrients contained in each granule • Chloride free • Uniform range of sized granules for even spreader application • Near neutral pH therefore lower lime requirements • Minimal volatilization • Low phosphorus content for paddocks with a good history of phosphorus input or environmental sensitive growing regions. • Dust free, free flowing granules which are stable in storage • No separation during spreading • High availability of Phosphate due to the use of phosphoric acid during manufacture • Excellent product recognition by outside and inside blue coloured granules

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