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Product Description

Can be used together with Sumilarv for dual effect: affecting juvenile and adult forms of insects.

For the control of crawling and flying insects such as ants, cockroaches, fleas, spiders, carpet beetles, silverfish, flies, mosquitoes and a range of other pests in domestic, commercial
and industrial situations.
Esfenvalerate is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide known for its low toxicity to mammals and its rapid knockdown of insects. Esfenvalerate, in particular, is one of the favorites in the pest control industry because of the broad range of insects it controls and the fact that it can be used indoors and out in both commercial and residential settings.
  • Very fast knockdown and kill
  • Long lasting
  • No odour
  • Non-staining
  • Biodegradable
  • Effective indoors and outdoors
  • Works on porous and non-porous surfaces
  • Easy to mix
Shake well before use. Premix the required amount of chemical in an equal amount of water and mix thoroughly. Add to spray tank and continue agitation while completing filling of the tank. Seal part used container immediately. DO NOT store diluted chemical.
Dilute 100mL with 5 L of water. 
Apply to floors, skirting boards, carpets, cupboards, bed frames, behind and below sinks, stoves and drains and other insect entry points, particularly cracks and crevices.
Spray also dark areas where insects might harbor. 
After use, ensure thorough good hygiene practices are followed, particularly the removal of food scraps.
Non-porous surfaces
Apply diluted spray at a rate of 5 L/100 m2 just to the point of runoff.
Porous surfaces or use through power equipment
Apply diluted spray at a rate of 10 L/100 m2 just to the point of runoff.
NOTE: Outdoor applications to wet surfaces immediately after rain may reduce efficacy.
Maintenance Treatment: If necessary, repeat treatment at 3 month intervals to prevent re-infestation. Note that residual efficacy on concrete surfaces may be variable due to differences in surface alkalinity.
NOTE: Most insects are highly mobile (crawling or flying) and new infestation may occur quickly. It is important to ensure thorough treatment of all surfaces that pest insects are likely
to come into contact with to ensure residual effect.
Apply to infested area of carpet, particularly around the edges and under furniture.
Treat cracks and crevices in bed frames and the adjacent walls.
Apply to all exposed surfaces where flies or mosquitoes may rest.
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